Where to stream every ‘Spider-Man’ movie before you see ‘No Way Home’ in theaters

Where to stream every ‘Spider-Man’ movie before you see ‘No Way Home’ in theaters

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Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Unlike other Marvel movies, “Spider-Man” films aren’t on Disney Plus
Instead, the movies are split across streaming services, like Peacock and FX Now.
A recent deal between Disney and Sony could bring the “Spider-Man” films to Disney Plus in 2022.

Unlike films featuring other Avengers, movies starring Spider-Man aren’t on Disney Plus. Instead, they’re spread across multiple streaming services, and some films are only available to rent or buy individually.

Though Marvel Studios owns the big-screen rights to most of its characters, Sony has held the movie rights to “Spider-Man” since 1999. However, Sony decided to partner with Marvel to bring the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2016. As part of the deal, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made his debut in “Captain America: Civil War.” Sony and Marvel then co-produced “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Far From Home,” and “No Way Home” as joint projects.

Earlier this year, Sony and Disney agreed on a larger deal that will bring Sony’s theatrical releases to Disney Plus after an initial streaming run on Netflix. That deal will cover films released between 2022 and 2026, and could allow for older “Spider-Man” films to move to Disney Plus after their Netflix exclusivity ends.

Right now, however, “Spider-Man” movies remain split across streaming services. To make it easier to catch up on previous films before you see “No Way Home” in theaters, we rounded up details on where to watch every “Spider-Man” movie released so far.

Where to watch every ‘Spider-Man’ movie

Every “Spider-Man” movie is available to stream at home, but only select films are available on subscription services. The remaining titles currently require a one-time rental or purchase fee through a video-on-demand retailer, like Vudu, to watch.

“Spider-Man” movie

Where to watch

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021)

Now playing only in theaters

“Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage” (2021)

Rent or buy (Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV)

“Spider-Man Far From Home” (2019)

Rent or buy (Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV)

“Venom” (2018)

FX Now, rent or buy

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

FX Now, rent or buy

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017)

Rent or buy (Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV)

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)

FX Now, rent or buy

“The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012)

Rent or buy (Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV)

“Spider-Man 3” (2007)

Peacock, rent or buy 

“Spider-Man 2” (2004)

Peacock, rent or buy 

“Spider-Man” (2002)

Peacock, rent or buy 

Peacock is streaming the three classic “Spider-Man” films starring Tobey Maguire. Though Peacock has a free plan with access to select movies, you need a Premium subscription ($5/month) to watch the “Spider-Man” films. The original three movies are also available to stream on the NBC, SyFy, USA, Bravo, and E! apps if you have a pay-TV provider with those channels.

Meanwhile, “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies starring Andrew Garfield aren’t available on any subscription services right now. The first movie is only available to rent or buy, while “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” can be streamed via the FX Now app if you have a pay-TV provider with the FX channel. Two more “Spider-Man” spinoff movies, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and “Venom” are also available on FX Now. 

The MCU “Spider-Man” films with Tom Holland — “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home” — are only available to rent or buy at home. Rental prices start at $3 on services like Vudu and Prime Video. The latest entry in the franchise, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” was released exclusively in theaters on December 17 and it’s not yet clear when it will hit home video.

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