We have an eaglet! Bald eagle Harriet’s first egg hatches

We have an eaglet! Bald eagle Harriet’s first egg hatches


The first of two eggs from Harriet the bald eagle has hatched. The eaglet’s official name is E19.

E19 hatched at 12:34 p.m. Monday with Harriet as its mother and M15 as the assumed father. The name comes from the fact it’s the 19th eaglet successfully hatched eaglet at the nest.

On Sunday morning a pip could first be seen in one of the eggs, indicating it was ready to hatch.

The bald eagle laid two eggs in late November with her partner M15.

Once the eaglets hatch, Harriet and M15 will have four months to teach their newborns how to be independent eagles.

You can see an estimated hatch countdown on the Dick Pritchett Real Estate eagle cam website by clicking here. There are also updates on who is on the nest and what they have been doing.

These eagles are little celebrities with followers all around the world and many people came out on Christmas Eve to watch these incredible birds from afar.

If you would like to keep up with these eagles, you can watch them on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam below or by clicking here.

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