Tour de Cape is ready to roll in Cape Coral


A big event this weekend encourages you to hop on your bike and ride around Southwest Florida’s largest city.

The Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Department is putting the finishing touches on the 31’st annual Tour de Cape as cycling enthusiasts are getting ready to roll.

Cycling shops like Mark Moellers’ are happily overwhelmed. He said, “We can’t keep bikes in stock we sell them as fast as they come in.”

Moeller owns Cape Coral cycling.

The bikes he sells go for anywhere between $400 to $60, but he believes because the Tour de Cape is back, that’s pushing his sales to new heights.

“We got a lot of people coming in looking to rent bikes for the tour that are just in for a week, as well as service work getting bikes ready and people looking to buy bikes; waiting last minute so so they can get on the tour,” he explained.

Tour de Cape offers routes of carrying distance; 15, 30, 62, and 100-mile courses.

Because of the impact of COVID-19 last year, the event had a decreased number of participants, but Moeller is confident that won’t be the case this year. “We have a tent set up with safety check, a stand for tools if repairs need to be done on the spot, or just a general safety check.”

He hopes that by being a part of this event, his business will continue to grow.

Tour de Cape is a two-day event and Saturday starts with a 5k run. Sunday is when the cyclists take over. If you want to participate there is still time to register at

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