This 90-foot luxurious sailing yacht features its own towboat and is on sale for over $5 million. Take a look inside.

Oyster 885 yacht called “Clare.”

We went onboard a $5 million luxury sailboat at a showcase in London.
The Oyster 885 comes with its own tow boat, four bedrooms, and private crew quarters.
Dan Wurzbacher, head of Oyster sales, said customers can personalize the yacht, which ups the price.

The Oyster 885, a $5 million sailing yacht, was showcased at a luxury boat event in central London. The yacht was built by British boat builder, Oyster.Oyster 885 Clare.

The particular model at the London Luxury Afloat show was called “Clare.” The owner was ready to sell the yacht after owning it for under 10 years.Oyster 885 Clare.

The Oyster 885 is the biggest yacht that the company builds. It comes with four bedrooms that all have ensuites, as well as lounge spaces, a kitchen, crew quarters, and entertaining space on the top deck.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

At the front of the deck, there’s even a tow boat which carries passengers from shore to the yacht.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

Dan Wurzbacher, US head of Oyster sales, told Insider that the base price of the Oyster 885 was $5 million but customers can personalize the yacht via options list, which increases the price.Oyster 885 Clare.

Customers have the option to choose different layouts, colors, and materials for the exterior and interior design of the yacht, Wurzbacher said.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

One of the most popular features of the yacht is the hydraulic folding bathing platforms that allow people to swim off the back of the yacht, Wurzbacher said.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

Wurzbacher said the most common type of the customer the company sees buying the yachts is entrepreneurial.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

This was the main lounge area inside the yacht. The glass sunroof let a lot of light into the space.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

This lounge can substitute for a bedroom because the sofas pull out to become beds.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

The crew members cook for the guests in the kitchen, which was very narrow.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

Crew members can get access to the engine room through the kitchen to check up on the operations of the yacht.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

The crew members sleep in an extremely narrow room on bunkbeds.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

The most senior crew members or the captain sleeps in a slightly bigger room which has an ensuite.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

The guest bedrooms are more spacious — one offers a double bed while the other room has a double bed. Both had private toilets.Guest bedrooms inside Oyster 885 yacht Clare.

The master bedroom, the largest room on the yacht, has a desk, a sofa next to the window, and a private toilet. Wurzbacher said another top feature for customers was the triple vertical seascape windows.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

The master bedroom’s toilet was far more spacious than the other toilets onboard and had a good amount of storage too.Oyster 885 Clare yacht.

Purchasing a yacht like the Oyster 885 “tends to be one of these things where… all your life events have to line up to be able to do something like this,” Wurzbacher said, adding that it depends on finance, business, health and free time to use the boat.Oyster 885 Clare.

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