These are the 8 fastest-growing jobs in the US, according to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has recently published its US list of “Jobs on the Rise,” highlighting fast-growing jobs using their own data.
LinkedIn said the “list provides insight into where the workforce is heading and where long-term opportunity lies.”
Vaccine specialist took the top spot this year, followed by diversity and inclusion manager. 

Millions of workers have thought about changing and quitting their jobs in recent months, and some Americans even have unretired. People who are currently thinking about joining the Great Resignation or taking on new opportunities may want to consider jobs that have quickly grown over the last couple of years.

LinkedIn recently published its annual “Jobs on the Rise” list for the US, based on the company’s internal data on jobs started by the career networking site’s users. This year’s list shows the fastest-growing job titles using growth rates from January 2017 through July 2021.

As American workers quit their jobs, take a chance at moving into new industries, and evaluate if they’re satisfied with their work duties, the list may be useful for figuring out their next career move amid the tight labor market. 

The Great Resignation – or as we call it at LinkedIn, the Great Reshuffle – shows no signs of slowing,” Andrew Seaman, senior editor for job search and careers at LinkedIn News, told Insider via email. 

Seaman added that along with the national data showing record quits, “new LinkedIn data indicates professionals will continue to make job changes this year: 62% of working Americans are considering a job change in 2022, with one quarter (24%) currently looking.”

LinkedIn writes that “To be ranked, jobs needed to see consistent growth across our membership base, as well as have grown to a meaningful size by 2021.”

“Many of the jobs on this list have been growing directly because of the pandemic’s effect on the economy,” Seaman told Insider.

“No matter what stage of your career you’re in, this list provides insight into where the workforce is heading and where long-term opportunity lies,” LinkedIn wrote in the US report. 

Below are the titles that made the top of the US list with information from the new report. The salary range for each title, except for vaccine specialist, comes from LinkedIn and is noted in parentheses.

8. User experience researcher ($68,800-$151,000)

The role requires several years of prior experience, with a median of eight and a half years of experience according to LinkedIn. The job may be great for people looking to work from home, where LinkedIn finds this role has a remote job availability of 35.4%. People in this job commonly have skills related to usability testing and user experience. 

7. Search marketing manager ($46,000-$90,400)

These managers “develop paid search campaigns across digital channels to promote adoption of a product or service,” writes LinkedIn. Google Analytics and search engine marketing are common skills these managers have. 

People looking to apply for this position should know that it may require multiple years of prior experience, with a median of six years, according to LinkedIn. 

6. Business development representative ($35,000-$68,200)

This job is commonly found in the computer software, information technology and services, and internet industries per LinkedIn. The role has a remote job availability of 32.5% with Boston, San Francisco and Chicago as top places that are looking to hire people for this role.

5. Process development scientist ($52,000-$119,000)

LinkedIn writes that they “research and develop better ways to manufacture products and streamline existing operational processes.” According to LinkedIn, the role typically requires four years of experience. People looking to apply for this job may be interested in looking at Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, which LinkedIn notes are the top locations hiring for this. 

4. Machine learning engineer ($72,600-$170,000)

Machine learning engineers’ common skills according to LinkedIn involve different tech and computer science skills: deep learning, TensorFlow, and natural language processing. People are making the switch into this role from jobs like software engineers, but this role typically needs a few years of experience with a median of four years.

3. Customer marketing manager ($89,900-$154,000)

“With so much of our lives lived online, companies have had to create new roles and staff up to design infrastructures, customer support systems and more that work 24/7 to serve their business needs,” LinkedIn’s Seaman told Insider.

LinkedIn writes San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago are some of the top places hiring for this particular job title, but customer marketing manager positions can also be done remotely. LinkedIn finds that this job has a remote job availability of 30.7%.

2. Diversity and inclusion manager ($60,000-$145,000)

“With workers being in the driver’s seat and asking more of their employers than ever before – demanding equity and flexibility in their workplaces as non-negotiables – jobs that help companies prioritize employees are on the rise,” Seaman told Insider. 

This can include the No. 2 title of diversity and inclusion manager. Some of the most common skills needed in this role are diversity program development skills, community outreach, and leadership development.

1. Vaccine specialist

Seaman told Insider in an email that many of these jobs are in medical sales. According to LinkedIn, two common skills for this include pharmaceutical sales and sales effectiveness.

Healthcare workers are switching into this job. The career social network notes that medical sales representatives, pharmacists, and registered nurses are top positions that are transitioning to vaccine specialists.

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