Stunning videos appear to show rockets raining down on the US embassy compound in Baghdad

The C-RAM defense system uses high explosive incendiary rounds to engage enemy projectiles in midair.

US officials blame “terror groups” for a rocket attack against the US embassy in Baghdad that wounded a woman and child on Thursday. 
Video captured during the attack appears to show the embassy’s C-RAM defense system shooting down at least two rockets.
In a statement, the Iraqi military said the attack was launced from the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad.

Striking video of a rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad appears to show the embassy’s C-RAM defense system — meant to detect and destroy incoming rockets — shooting down at least two rockets on Thursday as more got through. 

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US officials blamed“terror groups” for the nighttime attack that was launched from the Dora neighborhood of Baghdad and said a woman and child were injured. 

Three missiles struck within the perimeter of the US embassy, Iraqi security officials told the Associated Press. At least one of the missiles hit the Elaf school. 

The videos show the US-made system firing 20mm rounds, some with illumination, through its six barrels so rapidly the sound of the shots blend together. One video appears to show a rocket strike at close range to the person recording.

—Nafiseh Kohnavard (@nafisehkBBC) January 13, 2022


Witnesses said they could hear explosions and videos taken by BBC correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard appear to show the C-RAM defense system engaging around 7:30 pm local time on Thursday. 

This attack is the latest in a string of attacks targeting bases or installations with U.S. military and diplomatic personnel, some of which have been attributed to militias with ties to Iran. There have been no US casualties as a result of the attacks. 

Last month, the top commander for the Middle East, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, told the Associated Press that he believes there will be an increase in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi personnel by Iranian-backed militias who are determined to get American forces out.

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