South Dakota rapper charged in Capitol attack allgedly posted music video with footage from the riot: ‘I’m ready for war’

A South Dakota rapper was charged with entering the Capitol on January 6, 2021, per the Associated Press.
Billy Knutson posted a music video with footage from the attack on his YouTube page.
“Buck em all, fuck em all, it’s a lost cause now,” he raps in the video.

A South Dakota man charged in connection with the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot posted a music video rapping about the attack, the Associated Press reported Thursday

Billy Knutson was charged with four counts — including entering a restricted building and engaging in disruptive conduct in the Capitol building — according to a criminal complaint.

Knutson’s YouTube account, “Playboy The Beast – Official,” contains several videos disparaging election results and endorsing right-wing ideologies, federal authorities allege in the complaint.

In one video — “Patriots: Message To The World” — posted on April 30, 2021, the rapper chanted, “Buck em all, fuck em all, it’s a lost cause now” over footage from the Capitol insurrection and with shots of him at a veterans memorial in North Carolina, per the criminal complaint.

Knutson gives an ultimatum to police officers in his rap: “Are you gon’ ride out with the people who really ridin’ with you — all the law-abiding citizens out here backin’ the blue — or the ones that wish you death and want to defund you?”

The rapper said in the music video — which has more than 60,000 views — that he misses his freedom and that he’s “ready for war.” 

“We tried to be peaceful, did everything right. Several hundred rallies, didn’t start a single fight, while BLM & Antifa out here lootin’ every night — burnin’ down entire cities, no law and order in sight,” Knutson said in the music video. 

According to the FBI, Knutson was seen on video surveillance entering the Capitol through a broken window.

Knutson will make a court appearance on January 20, according to court documents. It’s unclear if he will plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. A federal public defender for Knutson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The breach on the Capitol last year stalled the vote-certification process of the 2020 presidential election for four hours. At least 753 people have been charged with involvement in the attack so far. The House of Representatives convened a bipartisan select committee to investigate the attack.

The attack on the Capitol resulted in five deaths and hundreds of injuries.

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