Shortages may make it difficult to find popular gifts

Shortages may make it difficult to find popular gifts


There is about a week left until Christmas, and some are now heading out to buy their gifts. But, shortages are making it difficult to find popular gifts.

Sadly, some of these shoppers, they’ll be showing up to empty shelves and higher than expected prices.

Tommy Cocanougher says he doesn’t care what his wife buys. “I have no idea,” said Cocanougher. “It doesn’t matter.”

But, he does care how much the items cost. “I have seen the impact of the shortages in the stores, not only the grocery stores but… but in the clothing stores, the shoe stores, maybe not have a selection of sizes, selection of styles. So it’s made a difference,” Cocanougher said.

“The shelves are bare in some places, depending on what age group you’re buying for,” said Cocanougher. “But yeah, it’s made a noticeable difference.”

Inflation isn’t on Cocanougher’s side either. Discounts are dwindling while some prices are actually on the rise.

George Jenkins says he isn’t noticing the inflation, at least not on Christmas gifts. “I don’t notice the inflation. Except in the grocery stores. My wife always comments about how much the groceries have gone up.”

Marge says usually there are better deals but not this year. “Yeah. I noticed that.”

So when asked about the higher prices this year, Marge said, “I’m done shopping. Mailed my gifts and everything.”

Jackson Moran says there aren’t many good deals either. “It’s just there’s so much less stuff everything’s like it’s not good it’s not good anymore,” Moran said.

While Marge is ahead of the curve, many of the people at Miromar Outlets on Friday say they’ll have to adjust their shopping behavior.

Moran is upset with how high these prices have become. “I’m not breaking my bank for a ******* five-ounce bottle of cologne, dude it’s ********,” Moran said.

Adam and Alyssa say they’re out to shop, no matter how much things cost. They bought some games. But, when asked how much those games cost, they said, “I’m not sure.”

And truthfully, they said, they do not care.

WINK News reporter Michael Hudak went to multiple stores to check availability and prices. He found some decent deals at places like Kohl’s and Edison Mall in Fort Myers.

But, the selection, on the other hand, is not very good. At Kohl’s, for example, there were four white dress shirts, and all of them were XXL or larger.

Luckily, Liz didn’t have the same experience. “Every… every now and then, you’ll see some areas that are a little bit slim pickins, but in general, it’s not bad,” she said.

An employee at Edison Mall says as they see more last-minute products being bought, deals may get better over the next few days.

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