See inside this luxury cruise ship where a penthouse will cost up to $8 million and residents can shop at their own farmer’s market

The MV Narrative will set sail in 2024.

A luxury cruise ship will offer people the opportunity to live at sea.
A home onboard will cost residents between $400,000 and $8 million.
Launching in 2024, the ship offers two-story penthouses, a solar-powered hydroponic garden and even an onboard school.

A luxurious cruise liner could become a floating home for some globetrotters, offering the opportunity to travel the world.The MV Narrative ship.

Launching in 2024, the MV Narrative will offer residents a nomadic lifestyle while they continue to work or relax from their home at sea.The MV Narrative ship.

The ship is equipped with a marina, a farmer’s market, and even an onboard school. “What isn’t on the ship isn’t worth having,” Alister Punton, cofounder and CEO of Storylines – the firm developing the ship – told Insider.The ship is equipped with a marina.

Residents can choose between living spaces ranging from one to four bedrooms, as well as single studios and two-story penthouses.Residences can host between 1 and 4 people.

Life onboard the Narrative will be a luxury few will be able to afford. Apartments are priced from around $400,000 for the smallest units, reaching up to $8 million for penthouse suites…Residences can host between 1 and 4 people.

…while tenants are also charged a living fee starting at $65,000 for one couple per unit per year to cover the cost of food, entertainment and maintenance.Residences can host between 1 and 4 people.

The floating complex has space for 547 residences, with a maximum capacity of just over 1,300 passengers.Residences can host between 1 and 4 people.

The ship, which is currently under construction in Croatia, will sail to weather-friendly destinations, stopping for around 3 – 4 days in each port.Residents can host between 1 and 4 people.

The “residential community at sea” is designed to feel like home. Resident lounges – nicknamed “neighborhoods” – are littered with breakout areas, balconies and spaces for people on each deck to cook together or host dinner parties.Resident decks are equipped with resident lounges.

Other options for eating and socializing include an oyster bar, an ice-creamery, a champagne bar and a patisserie.The ship has 20 dining options.

Restaurants and self-cooking areas will also be stocked with fresh greens and herbs grown in the ship’s 5,400 square foot hydroponic garden. The crops will also supply the ship’s farmer’s market, where residents can shop for everyday essentials.Residents can also cook their own food.

The vessel will have its own library, stocked with 10,000 books.Resident lounges will also be equipped with libraries.

It’s not just families the ship is set to welcome onboard. Young professionals, in the wake of pandemic, have realised that they can now “work from anywhere,” Punton says.Resident lounges are equipped with balconies.

When the ship reaches the end of its working life, residents who call it home can transfer to a new vessel without having to repurchase. According to Punton, that’s because a portion of residents’ annual fees will be filtered into a new fund for this very purpose.Residents can transfer their home to a new vessel once the ship retires.

When asked why passengers with an itch for travel would be more attracted to the floating home, instead of other cruises, Punton said: “This is not a cruise. You come home to us; but you go on vacation on a cruise ship.”The MV Narrative will set sail in 2024.

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