Paseo Condominium residents upset with continued problems


People who live in the Paseo Condominiums say they have had problems from the start. When the condominiums were under construction in 2014, there were already issues with water coming through the foundation, windows and even the roof.

Tarps cover the roof, windows are sealed, and work is unfinished. The people who live at the Paseo Condominiums say they’re tired of it.

They claim the place was poorly built and point at Stock Development.

Arlette Abbott said, “all we want is we want our community whole again. And it has been an uphill battle all the way.”

The president of the Paseo Condominiums Association gave WINK News a tour of the property and showed us what people like Joette Brems have dealt with for far too long.

“The community is just stunning when you don’t look at the buildings. It’s a friendly and warm inviting place, but then we have to go home and look at the interior of our home with patch ceilings and walls ripped out,” said Brems.

The condo association claims Stock Development promised to make the repairs, but in the last two years, have done nothing.

Since then, the association says it’s put hundreds of people on a waiting list for repairs.

Among them is Rick Dawson. “I think people have been patient. And hoping to work through the issue, but it’s time this problem is corrected. If you go through our development, it’s everywhere and it’s the same issue on every unit.”

On Wednesday, Paseo Condominium residents gathered near Stock Development’s office and protested, demanding the company step up.

“I think it’s a horrible thing and I think it’s a horrible business practice. You need to be responsible,” said William M. Doley.

WINK News has reached out to Stock Development for comment and has not yet heard back.

The Paseo Condo Association says it pays for the repairs from the money it collects from its homeowner fees.

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