No A/C needed this weekend, but maybe check your heater


The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Advisory for portions of South Florida from Jan. 30 at 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. when wind chill temperatures could get as low as 25 degrees.

That means many people may be turning on their central heating systems, which is something many of us don’t do very often.

Chris Koval’s family, longtime Floridians, know it’s rare to see such a plunge in temperatures causing many to switch from central A/C to central heat.

“I don’t have much winter clothes because obviously, it’s summer year-round here,” Daniella Koval, Chris’ daughter, said.

That’s why the family is doing some light preparation to make sure they stay warm.

“Some people don’t realize when they move here that they need to be covering those sensitive plants, make sure any pets are inside,” Chris Koval said.

HVAC experts recommend checking the heating in case something isn’t working.

“It has a funny smell when it comes out for the first time in a while,” Koval noted.

While many are getting ready at home, those on the streets will have to be prepared to find shelter.

“Yes, all hands on deck, unfortunately, you battle COVID issues as well, but we’re trying to get as many people off the streets,” said Tony Villasuso, Miami Rescue Mission Director.

The same group also heads Broward Outreach. However, Villasuso says they can open up 325 beds in Miami, though they are adding more for this cold spell.

“We’ve added in both campuses the ability to serve a 100 or as many as needed more,” he explained.

Villasuso wants people to come in for shelter, but he also expects many to choose to stay outside. That’s why he’ll have more food and warm articles of clothing ready to hand out.

Back in Miramar, Koval hopes people will be careful with heating.

“The firemen will be called out to a house because they kept a space heater close to curtains or furniture, and like clockwork, it happens every time we get these cold snaps, so people will have to be aware of this stuff,” he said.

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