Dr. Sophie is on a short list of nationally recognized leaders in her field, adhering to the highest standards of patient care, and aiming for excellence in every aspect of your treatment. Compelled by a growing interest in design, she attended the world-renowned Parsons School of Design while working at the fashion house of Calvin Klein. This was followed by a period of study abroad in foreign language and art centered around classic and modern Italian history. She practiced jewelry making and familiarized herself with contemporary artists while traveling and gaining new perspectives. Ultimately, my focus on design ranged from fashion to architecture, with a focus on balance and natural aesthetics. Realizing that she did want to become a physician, after all, Dr. Sophie completed her premedical studies at Columbia University and a medical degree at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. She was accepted into the independent program in Plastic Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she trained at a wide range of top-ranked academic institutions in Manhattan.In 2013, Dr. Sophie became an assistant clinical professor of surgery at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center, where she trains medical students and residents on a regular basis. Her research focus is on cosmetic breast surgery. This began with work on implant-based complications that she performed as a resident in 2010. This research won two awards at the national Aesthetic Meeting in 2011, and ultimately became the basis of her current academic endeavors. Today, Dr. Sophie is engaged in the development and promotion of better breast implants, as well as the eradication of breast cancer through inoculation against the Human Mammary Tumor Virus. Published in several peer-reviewed journals, she continues to pursue her research interests and to speak among her colleagues at local and national conferences.


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