In much of the developed world, plastic surgery is considered a luxury, an “optional” procedure. However, in the developing world where resources are scarce and access to affordable, quality healthcare even scarcer, plastic surgery can often change the course of a life. That is why Dr. Sanjay Lalla annually volunteers a week or two on overseas missions with organizations such as and the India Mission. On these trips, Dr. Lalla often works twelve hour days in sub-optimal conditions performing surgeries for cleft lips/palates, burns, and wound care. Over the past several years, he has helped improve the lives of children in India, the Philippines, Thailand, South America, and Africa.  In February 2010, Dr. Lalla was asked to volunteer his time and services in service to victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Many people in Haiti had been trapped under or injured by rubble and were left with open wounds that were at high risk for infection. In Haiti, an infection can be life-threatening. While in Haiti, Dr. Lalla operated on 27 people- mostly children with life-threatening wounds. Due to limited housing and food, Dr. Lalla slept on the hospital floor at night and ate mostly power bars.  Please visit our blog that was created while working in Haiti to find out more information . View Dr. Lalla’s article in the New Jersey Star Ledgerin.



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