Rian A. Maercks, M.D., P.A., American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is an artist and a leading aesthetic, craniofacial, and reconstructive plastic surgeon licensed in Florida and the state of New York. The surgeon’s revolutionary approaches to both surgical and non-invasive aesthetic interventions of the face and body have garnered him international recognition by surgeons and patients alike.

Dr. Maercks earned his degrees from the Duke University School of Medicine. His undergraduate training in fine arts and philosophy created the framework through which he explores the world of medicine and plastic surgery and has allowed him to elevate the standard of patient care and safety through his work as medical director of his high profile Miami-based surgical center.

Following an integrated plastic and reconstructive surgical residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a top-ranked U.S. craniofacial pediatric center, and the University of Cincinnati Hospital, Maercks completed fellowship training in Europe, Central- and South America with some of the most prominent figures in plastic surgery to date. This extensive training included an elite fellowship with esteemed craniofacial pioneer Dr. Fernando Oritz-Monasterio, and masters of craniofacial and aesthetic surgery of the face and breast. Maercks continues to stay connected with international leaders in his field and travels worldwide to discuss ideas and innovations, such as sex reassignment surgical training at Helsinki Hospital in Finland and at Vu Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Combining art, aesthetic sensibilities, and anatomical knowledge, Maercks has developed incredible aesthetic innovations such as Aesthetic Facial Balancing© and Cold-SubFascial Breast Augmentation©Aesthetic Facial Balancing rejuvenates the aging face by using the body’s own fat or volumes of fillers that are thought to be excessive by mainstream practitioners. Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation is a novel technique providing supported, long-term control of breast shape and aesthetic appearance; it is the most natural-looking approach to breast augmentation. Maercks’ expertise in natural aesthetics is not limited by gender or body part. In addition to serving the needs of his female patients, he has designed several methods of developing natural and masculine results for his male clientele and is also recognized for helping the transgender community with facial masculinization and feminization. Too, Maercks has developed aesthetic and augmentative techniques for male and female genitalia.


Dr. Rian Maercks is the founder and medical director of the Maercks Institute, a Miami-based surgical facility that offers a variety of advanced techniques in laser resurfacing, injectables, and surgical procedures that challenge status quo plastic surgery by delivering bespoke results that appear as if they are made by nature. In addition to the advanced technology used for treatments and visual consultations, the Maercks Institute has a certified surgical suite, as well as an overnight recovery suite for optimized patient care.

Dr. Maercks founded the Maercks Institute in 2009 and has changed the lives of thousands of patients over the years with specialties in:



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