Dr. Davison completed an Electrical Engineering degree, with distinction prior to embarking on his medical career. He completed Medical school in 3 years at the University of Calgary. During this time he found his passion for the multiple domains of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He then completed the rigorous five-year Plastic Surgery residency training program at the Dalhousie University program.After graduation, he began his Harvard University training, studying Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Research Methodology. This intensive program is designed for medical professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to contribute to medical research at the highest level. He obtained a Masters of Science degree in Epidemiology.Dr. Davison’s next sub-specialty training was with Dr. Greg Waslen, another past president of CSAPS. This experience was primarily focused on facial rejuvenation including Laser skin resurfacing, extended and mini-facelifts, SAFE liposuction, fat grafting, and Buttock Augmentation.


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