Dr. Bianca completed her studies in human medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in 2000. She then spent a year in the Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery in the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt as an intern.As an assistant doctor she was able to gain a lot of experience, as she worked in the departments for visceral, thoracic, vascular and trauma surgery, intensive care and emergency medicine as well as for plastic surgery, reconstructive and hand surgery at the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt. In 2007 she passed my medical exam as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon and was then senior physician in the plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery department at the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt for many years.Since 2015 she has set up my own practice with my colleagues and a great team. In their practice, they focus on the aesthetic and cosmetic improvement of the body image as well as the restoration of the body and facial contours as well as hand surgery.Her focus areas includes plastic-aesthetic and oncological breast and facial procedures as well as body sculpting operations. She works out an individual treatment plan with each of her patients, using only the most modern surgical techniques based on the highest quality standards.



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