As a senior physician, Reifenrath was entrusted with specialist and senior physician tasks and took over the background service for the entire plastic department, Hand and reconstructive surgery, as well as burn surgery.He assisted in many operations and thus learned from the ground up, in addition to his already good technical training, aesthetic surgery. He was also largely responsible for the areas of reconstructive breast surgery and reconstructive soft tissue surgery, as well as hand surgery and the care of occupational accidents. So he was able to acquire the additional qualification for hand surgery through 2 years of intensive work. For exactly 15 years he carried out a high proportion of plastic and aesthetic operations. At the beginning of 2006, Dr. Reifenrath works as a plastic surgeon in cooperation with the largest breast center in Dortmund, the St. Johannes Hospital. Here he takes on the advice and operation of the patients, who want breast restoration after cancer. In September 2015, the Department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery was founded in St. Johannes Hospital, whose head physician Dr. Reifenrath has been since then.


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