Dr. Marguerite Aitken joined the Plastic Surgery Associates staff in 2004. She brings her talents from the art world, having trained at the University of Michigan and worked as a medical illustrator in Chicago for 10 years prior to medical school. She completed medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago and residency in the Grand Rapids/Michigan State University Plastic Surgery program under the guidance of her Plastic Surgery Associates (PSA) colleagues. Following graduation, Dr. Aitken spent six months in highly coveted positions, training in the most current and up-to-date procedures. Her travels took her to Atlanta, Georgia for additional experience in facial cosmetic surgery, to Belgium for complex reconstructive micro surgical techniques and to Charlotte, North Carolina, for body contouring.

The focus of her practice is breast surgery, both reconstructive and cosmetic; body contouring and facial cosmetic surgery. She has been the recipient of awards for her clinical research in the field of body contouring and has spoken internationally on the topics of breast reconstruction and facial aesthetic surgery. Her talents and her passion for this field have enabled her to both author and illustrate multiple textbooks and journals. Dr. Aitken is an eager teacher and also works closely with the medical students and residents in training as a Clinical Instructor for Michigan State University.



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