Dr. Kevin Brenner is not only a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, but he is also a board-certified general surgeon, giving him qualifications to deliver some of the most complex reconstructive procedures. His specialty lies in the breasts and abdomen, using his expertise to restore a youthful, shapely appearance where it has been lost to age or other factors. Dr. Brenner has also done advanced training in rhinoplasty and is one of a select group of plastic surgeons specifically trained to utilize advanced techniques such as rib grafting for challenging revision cases. Prior to becoming one of the finest board-certified plastic surgeons Beverly Hills has to offer, Dr. Brenner’s education was vast, extending across several universities and branches in the medical field. In addition to receiving his board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Brenner is also board certified in general surgery, giving him a unique skill set to perform advanced reconstruction techniques. Following his two residencies, Dr. Brenner opened a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. Since that time, his work has been superlative, landing him in peer-reviewed plastic surgery journals on a regular basis. Dr. Brenner has also authored numerous chapters in plastic surgery textbooks. His work has gained such acclaim that he has been featured on many nationally aired TV shows.



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