Dr. Grawe is passionate about helping women look and feel beautiful. Whether her patients are looking to enhance their features or start over after breast cancer, Dr. Grawe knows precisely how to help. Her years of experience have given her the ability to create the exact look that each patient desires. She understands the importance of individualizing every consultation and every procedure.

Dr. Grawe knows it takes a creative eye to envision the precise look a patient desires.  It was the creativity involved in the art of plastic surgery which first drew her to the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Grawe and the ROXY Plastic Surgery staff are committed to working extensively with each patient so they are completely satisfied with their new look.  Their goal is to always ensure their patients become on the outside how beautiful they feel on the inside. Whether it is a full body makeover or a trip to the ROXY Spa, the ROXY team is here to care for you.



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