Having been in private practice since 1985 has afforded me the opportunity to create a host of procedures that are individualized for each and every one of my patients. The surgery is only one component of the overall procedure. A careful evaluation to determine the best procedure and the fashioning of a plan for your overall care is just as crucial. My preparation for surgery is predicated upon my ability to bring about a wonderful alteration that is natural and will bring much joy. Every aspect of the surgery is planned for, including my keeping fit to not fatigue, eating a special breakfast and performing my own unique form of eye hand coordination exercise, which amounts to juggling. I take great pride in my work and make every effort to have the outcome be an incredible success story for my patients. One of my favorite enjoyments is to hear my patients exclaim that they love the results and are so very pleased that they cannot stop smiling. My entire staff is dedicated to this planning so that each step of your journey is guided by us.



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