Dr. Yousefi welcomes the opportunity to get to know each of his patients to address their unique needs. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a highly acclaimed organization of top-quality plastic surgeons from around the world.

specialize in plastic surgery was to give my patients more choices. As an accomplished artist, I believe I add an important dimension to the work I perform for patients. In order to meet my patients’ high expectations, I need to be able to give them the attention to aesthetic detail that is required, thereby making the results rewarding for them. This has been the foundation of my practice since day one because nothing but the very best will do for my patients.”

“As a plastic surgeon, I have taken on the responsibility of continually educating myself about the latest breakthroughs and procedures in my field. Often, this means performing independent research and studying with leaders in the field. Gaining as much exposure to innovative ideas and engaging in a forum exchange with peers allow me to improve the care I offer my patients.



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