Dr. Senderoff has experience with the latest technologies in liposuction including laser and ultrasonic devices. He was one of the first surgeons in New York to offer his patients Vaser ultrasonic liposuction which uses sound waves to selectively target fat cells prior to suctioning. The NYC Plastic Surgeon uses advanced endoscopic techniques to precisely create the pocket when inserting an implant through the axilla for either breast or pectoral augmentation. The NYC Plastic Surgeon participated as a clinical investigator in the McGhan Silicone Implant study. His data along with the data collected by other plastic surgeons was presented to the FDA who ultimately determined that silicone implants are safe to use for breast surgery. The Board Certified NYC Plastic Surgeon also uses endoscopic techniques to correct brow ptosis or sagging. Endoscopic brow lifts can be performed through small incisions in the scalp, avoiding the need for a large forehead scar.



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