Dr. Ruebeck is known for his innovative work in breast surgery and microsurgical reconstruction. His expertise and experience also extends to a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries and procedures as well.A large focus of Dr. Ruebeck’s practice is on breast reconstruction, breast enhancement, and reduction. His successful record in this area is one of the reasons he continues to be named one of the “Best Doctors” and “Best Doctors for Women” by Minnesota Monthly Magazine several years running. He offers a variety of innovations, including natural tissue procedures such as DIEP and SIEA breast reconstructions, fat grafting, among others.  Because of his extensive training and experience in microsurgical reconstruction Dr. Ruebeck receives referrals from other plastic surgeons to help take care of challenging or unique cases.He served as a board representative for North Memorial Health Care’s Hennepin County Medical Society for a number of years, and has been a volunteer in a variety of capacities in his local community. Dr. Ruebeck also participated in the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Mentor Connection Program as well as the University of Minnesota’s Medical Student Mentoring Program.


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