Dr. Patronella’s rock-solid reputation for delivering impressive aesthetic results and premier care has made him the personal plastic surgeon of choice for thousands of physicians, nurses, and people throughout the globe. His development and refinement of advanced techniques for body contouring, breast surgery, and facial rejuvenation have led Dr. Patronella to receive many speaking invitations from some of the most prestigious plastic surgery organizations. His True Form Plastic Surgery® approach, for example, is the culmination of his efforts to perfect traditional cosmetic surgery methods while avoiding some of their most commonly encountered pitfalls. With each procedure he performs, Dr. Patronella incorporates a combination of techniques he has refined through more than 20 years of experience, capturing and restoring the features that characterize natural beauty and create authentic-looking results. While surgical precision and artistic expertise are defining hallmarks of his esteem, Dr. Patronella also has made significant contributions to advance the safety of plastic surgery procedures. As a founder of the ACPS SurgiCentre, a private AAAASF-certified operating room licensed by the Texas Department of Health, Dr. Patronella developed and mandated strict safety guidelines for the SurgiCentre. He implemented patient care guidelines that are a reflection of his commitment to providing patients with specialized service and excellence in surgical techniques.



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