Christine Blaine, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a board certified plastic surgeon based out of New York, with offices in both Huntington and Staten Island. Dr. Blaine earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology from Binghamton University, where she began her medical career working as an Emergency Medical Technician and instructor. It was during this time in her life that she developed an appreciation for the psychological and emotional facets of patient care, forming her personal philosophy of treating not just the body but the individual as a whole.

Prior to starting medical school, Dr. Blaine first practiced as a Physician’s Assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering in both Thoracic surgery and caring for post-operative plastic surgery patients. As her passion for medicine flourished as a PA, so did her eagerness to further her studies which brought her to medical school at Albany Medical College.  There she received the prestigious Brandon Macomber award, given to the person who best exemplifies genuine sustained interest and potential in the field of plastic surgery. After graduating from medical school, she completed her residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital, a competitive position in a Level I Trauma Center, and focused on a combination of general surgery and plastic surgery.



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