Board-certified liposuction expert, Dr. Laguna (Dr. Arian Mowlavi) is well-known for his stunning post-surgical results and affordable prices. Patients from all over the world seek treatment at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute where meticulous care is taken to ensure ideal results, including:

  1. A comprehensive evaluation of your body and areas for concern. Dr. Mowlavi will mark all desired treatment areas and provide you with an estimate for your optimal fat removal volume. Taking precise measurements will ensure the maximum and safe removal of all unwanted fat deposits.
  2. A preoperative fitting of your custom compression garment will be worn following the surgery. Compression ensures proper healing and the best possible postoperative results.
  3. During surgery, the utilization of over 10 variable sized cannulas ranging from 3 to 70mm to ensure complete removal of unwanted fat. Use of the larger cannulas allows removal of large volume fat deposits, while the 3mm micro-cannulas allows for high definition micro-etching to remove the smallest areas of fat.
  4. A comfortable, virtually painless recovery by administering a long-lasting anesthetic following the completion of your procedure.
  5. A postoperative manual lymphatic massage and radiofrequency laser treatments when to minimize the appearance of cellulite giving you a beautiful skin texture and tone.



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