LinkedIn Learning is making 30 online classes free until February 1 — the topics are focused on skills that can help you transition careers

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Until February 1, LinkedIn Learning is making select career courses free, in topics ranging from job interviews to SQL programming.

LinkedIn Learning is making 30 online courses free until February 1.
The courses range from beginner to advanced and are meant to help with career transitions.
You can also earn free certificates of completion for these courses until February 1.

As the Great Reshuffle continues, many job seekers are interested in pursuing entirely new career paths — or just finding better-paid jobs within their industry. While there are plenty of job openings and career options out there, snagging a higher salaried position can require some new skills or knowledge.

To reduce the costs of online classes, LinkedIn Learning is offering 30 free courses from January 18 to February 1. Led by industry experts, the classes — all focused on making a career switch — range from broad topics like interview prep and job search strategies to hard skills like SQL programming and technical SEO. They also vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced, so you could take multiple courses in one subject to quickly grow your expertise.

Typically, a LinkedIn Learning subscription is free for a one-month trial and then costs either $26.99/month or $39.99/month, depending on your plan. A membership grants you access to over 16,000 career-related online video courses, and almost all of them can earn you certificates of completion to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Right now, you can earn certificates of completion in these 30 free classes if you finish them before February 1 and are logged into your regular LinkedIn profile (no LinkedIn Learning signup required).

30 online LinkedIn Learning courses you can take for free through February 1:

Interview Preparation

Beginner: Job Interview Nano Tips with Madeline MannIntermediate: Creating Great First ImpressionsAdvanced: Video Interview Tips

Enterprise Marketing

Beginner: Marketing CommunicationsIntermediate: Integrated Marketing Communications StrategiesAdvanced: Advanced Lead Generation


Beginner: Scrum: the BasicsIntermediate: Characteristics of a Great Scrum MasterAdvanced: Scrum: Advanced

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beginner: SEO: Keyword StrategyIntermediate: Marketing Tools: SEOAdvanced: Technical SEO

Agile Methodologies

Beginner: Agile FoundationsIntermediate: Agile Software Development: Cloud ArchitectureAdvanced: Learning Jira

R (Programming language)

Beginner: Learning RIntermediate: Data Wrangling in RAdvanced: SQL Server Machine Learning Services: R

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