Lee Health begins making house calls as facilities fill with COVID patients


As hospitals continue to fill up and walk-in clinics experience long wait times, some wonder what to do if they need care. Lee Health is providing another option to get what you need.

Lee Health sent a passionate plea urging people to think before coming into its locations as COVID-19 begins to fill its facilities once again. Armando Llechu is the chief of hospital operations at Lee Health. “Our hospitals are again nearing capacity…,” said Llechu.

This message was important for Lee Health to get out that they held a press conference earlier this week to tell how much strain COVID has put on this system. Dr. Larry Antonucci is the CEO of Lee Health. “Our Lee Convenient Cares are also facing very long wait times and an incredible increase in patient demand,” Dr. Antonucci said.

To lighten the load, this health system is now making house calls. They send a team to where you live and offer convenient visits from the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Scott Nygaard is the COO of Lee Health. “Dispatch health is a new service that we have for Lee Health. And you can schedule an appointment where they come to your home in a car. They provide an assessment and service at home,” said Dr. Nygaard.

The prices for these house calls are the same as they would be for an urgent care visit. You can schedule appointments from any of Lee Health’s online platforms. Then, the visits are overseen by a doctor.

“They do a triage, an assessment in your home and can prescribe medical treatment. Or, if you needed to get laboratory testing, you might have to travel someplace else for that. But it’s a home service that really comes direct to your home,” Dr. Nygaard said. 

You don’t need a referral to access the service, and calls would cover the same conditions as a walk-in clinic. However, this service is not meant for emergencies.

“We’re asking people to be selective in terms of where they go into go to the right level of care,” said Dr. Nygaard.

This is Lee Health’s newest option. It also offers telehealth visits, which, for now, are free.

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