Jasmine Pearls Tea, Iced Hibiscus, and Cookies & Cream Frappuccino – I tried these UK Starbucks drinks that don’t feature on US menus

Starbucks drinks which don’t feature on the US menu.

Starbucks operates more than 32,000 stores in 80 countries all over the world.
The UK and US menus are broadly similar, but there are variations in the drinks on offer.
I tasted five drinks which currently don’t feature on Starbucks’ US menu.

I tasted some of the drinks at Starbucks outlets in London …The Cool Lime Refresher, Cookies & Cream Frappuccino, and Iced Hibiscus Tea.

Starbucks operates more than 1,000 stores across the UK.

The coffee giant’s UK outlets offer items which are, for the most part, similar to those offered in the US.

The locations offer hot coffees, Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and iced teas, but there is some variation in the drinks on offer. 

I tested some of the products which don’t currently feature on the US menu at two different locations in London, where Starbucks opened its first store in 1998.

I doubt I’ll drift from my usual coffee order, but the drinks were fun to sample.

The Cool Lime Refresher tasted like a non-alcoholic mojitoThe Cool Lime Refresher

Cool Lime Refresher isn’t currently listed among the selection of Refreshers offered at Starbucks in the US.

While the US offers beverages such as Mango Dragonfruit, Kiwi Starfruit, and Strawberry Açaí, UK outlets offer flavors like Cool Lime and Mango Orange in the Refresher range.

The Cool Lime Refresher is available in the US as a Refresher take-away packet, though, according to the Starbucks online menu.

After comparing the cost of a Refresher in London with the same product in New York, I found that residents of the Big Apple are paying more for their drinks. 

A grande (regular) drink costs £4.05 ($4.98). In New York, the drinks are slightly more expensive, where a regular drink costs $5.65. Both regular drinks measure 16 ounces.

The drink was refreshing and tasted equally of lime and mint, almost like a mojito cocktail.


The Iced Hibiscus Tea wasn’t particularly flavorsomeThe iced hibiscus tea.

The Iced Hibiscus Tea is absent from Starbucks menus in the US, which instead have products such as Iced Black Tea, Iced Peach Green Tea, and Iced Passion Tango Tea. 

As an iced tea lover, I was looking forward to tasting this drink, but the flavor wasn’t particularly strong.

The drink was still chilled and refreshing but since the flavor wasn’t overwhelming, I probably would not order it again. 

The drink cost £3 for a regular cup, or around $3.69. In New York, a regular iced tea costs around $3.75.

The Cookies & Cream Frappuccino was so sweet I couldn’t finish itThe Cookies & Cream Frappuccino.

The Cookies & Cream Frappuccino tasted like a full dessert. The drink — topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbles — was so sweet that I couldn’t finish it. 

There are six coffee-based Frappuccino drinks available in the UK. There is some overlap in the flavor combinations available across the Frappuccino range in the US and UK, including Java Chip, Chai Cream, and Strawberries & Cream.

The drink cost £4.30, or around $5.26. In New York, regular frappuccinos cost around $6.25.

I don’t normally drink iced coffees, but I’d order the Cold Brew Latte againThe Starbucks cold brew latte.

The Cold Brew Latte is currently not advertised on the Starbucks US menu.

With a much larger selection of iced coffees than Starbucks in the UK, I was surprised to see that the classic drink did not feature in the US, although US consumers can get a Cold Brew with milk.

In 2021, Starbucks started selling more cold drinks than hot coffees, with then CEO, Kevin Johnson, citing strong demand for cold brews, nitro cold brews, iced shaken espressos, and refreshers.

Demand for cold drinks is also high because they are easily customizable, a Starbucks trait. 

The Starbucks US menu had more interesting cold brew combinations, including Chocolate Cream Cold Brew and Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew. 

I didn’t opt for any add-ons to my drink – I found the latte sweet enough without it.


London has a larger selection of herbal teas, including the Jasmine Pearls Tea I tried…The Starbucks Jasmine Pearls Tea, alongside the Cold Brew Latte

Starbucks has its own line of teas, dubbed “Teavana.”

The coffee giant brought the tea line to the UK in 2016. The flavors are much the same in both the UK and the US, with chai teas, matcha green tea lattes, and even an Emperor’s Clouds & Mist Tea making both menus. 

I was surprised to see that a London Fog Tea Latte was advertised in the US but not in London. 

The UK did, however, have a much larger section of herbal teas. 

The Jasmine Pearls Tea I ordered had a sweet and floral taste, but slightly bitter after-taste. 

The tea and the cold brew together — both small sizes — cost £5.75 (around $7.02). A similar order in New York would cost me $8.40.

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