I finally got to taste McDonald’s $5.50 Chicken Big Mac. It was like a mega-McNugget sandwich with globs of Big Mac sauce — and it wasn’t worth the 5-year wait.

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac debuted in the UK on Wednesday. I’d waited a long time for this.

McDonald’s just launched its chicken Big Mac in the UK for a limited period.
I’d waited five years to get a taste of the $5.50 creation, which launched in Australia in 2017.
It was like a giant, sloppy, mega-McNugget sandwich with way too much Big Mac sauce.

McDonald’s launched its Chicken Big Mac in the UK on Wednesday. I ordered one immediately.

The Chicken Big Mac was launched in Australia in 2017 and I’d always wanted to try one. Now Brits can get their chance – but only for six weeks.

I ordered a Chicken Big Mac meal and added mozzarella dippers, which are also available for a limited time in the UK.

Considering the burger had been thrown around during delivery, first impressions were pretty good.

The Chicken Big Mac has three buns, two chicken patties, pickles, lettuce, cheese, and Big Mac sauce. It filled me up pretty quickly.

But the Big Mac sauce wasn’t evenly spread around the burger. It was mostly gobbed on the bottom bun and there was barely any sauce on the top layer, which made it dry.

The burger’s soggy bottom bun made it difficult to eat. The burger sauce kept dripping down my hands and the lettuce fell all over the table.

Here’s what it looked like on the inside.

I’m a big fan of Chicken McNuggets – but I didn’t expect the chicken patties in my Big Mac to be like giant McNuggets.

Here’s what was under the upper chicken patty: a few pickles, lettuce, and a tiny bit of Big Mac sauce.

As you can see, it was a messy meal.

The Chicken Big Mac was priced at £4.09 ($5.54) and the mozzarella dippers were £1.89 ($2.56). The Chicken Big Mac is available until March 15.

McDonald’s said its mozzarella dippers contain “stringy mozzarella cheese” which is “gooey” in the middle.

I found them hard and chewy. They most likely taste better straight from the McDonald’s store counter — I think they got cold during delivery.

But dunking the dippers into McDonald’s salsa sauce made them taste much better.

Overall, the Chicken Big Mac didn’t blow me away.

I think I’ll stick to ordering Chicken McNuggets in the future.

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