I compared grocery prices at Costco and Dollar General, and was surprised by how few items were cheaper at the discount store

I visited Costco and Dollar General to compare prices on staple grocery items.
Costco had lower prices on most items, which customers must buy in bulk.
A few items were priced lower at Dollar General, including orange juice and chicken broth.

Costco is a big-box store that sells bulk groceries at discount prices.Costco.

Shoppers must purchase a Costco membership, which ranges from $60 to $120 a year, to access the store’s deals.

With inflation reaching a 40-year high, grocery shoppers are trying to find the best deals.Grocery shopping in Rosemead, California on April 21, 2022.

I compared prices per unit of grocery staples at Costco in Rochester, New York with a nearby Dollar General location.

Dollar General expanded its grocery offerings in recent years, and the chain says it can maintain low prices by keeping stores small and relatively bare-boned, ultimately offering fewer products than larger competitors.

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The price difference wasn’t much for a half gallon of milk, which was just 5 cents more expensive at Dollar General.

For a gallon of milk, though, Dollar General charges over a dollar more than Costco.

Almond milk is also less expensive at Costco, by about 20 cents for a half gallon.

Eggs have gotten much pricier this year, and at Dollar General they’re about twice as expensive as at Costco.

Dollar General sells some frozen meats, but they’re over a dollar per pound more expensive than at Costco.

I was surprised to find a few items were actually more affordable at Dollar General.

A half gallon of orange juice is about 35 cents cheaper at Dollar General.

Chicken broth is slightly cheaper at Dollar General by fractions of a cent per ounce, which could add up if you buy large quantities.

Cans of crushed tomatoes work out about the same, to about 0.3 cents cheaper per ounce at Dollar General.

Pasta is around 2 cents less per ounce at Dollar General, too.

Still, Costco is cheaper for nearly every item with some major price differences, while Dollar General is usually not more than a few cents cheaper.

If you have to buy groceries at Dollar General, there are ways to minimize extra expenses.

Avoid buying milk, eggs, or other dairy products at Dollar General when possible, because they’re much more expensive.

Shelf-stable pantry items, like canned goods and pasta, are a better deal at Dollar General compared to the rest of the store’s offerings.

Though Costco is less expensive than Dollar General for most items, it’s not always the best place to buy all your groceries.

Based on a March price comparison from Insider, Walmart and Aldi sells select items at lower prices than Costco.

Source: Insider

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