How to charge Oculus Quest 2 controllers

With an Anker charging dock, you can charge your entire Quest 2 system at once.

You can’t charge Quest 2 controllers directly, but you can use them with rechargeable batteries.
The controllers use disposable AA batteries by default, so you can replace the batteries when they’re depleted.
The Anker Charging dock allows you to charge the Quest 2 and rechargeable batteries in the controllers simultaneously. 
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The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset (now branded simply as “Quest 2” under its parent company, Meta) has a number of innovative features, not the least of which is hand tracking, turning your bare hands into game controllers.

Hand tracking doesn’t work in every game, though, so the Quest’s bundled controllers are usually a much more practical way to use the system. The batteries tend to drain relatively quickly, so it’s important to know how to keep them charged and ready for action. 

How to charge Quest 2 controllers

Unfortunately, the Quest 2 controllers are not rechargeable in the sense that they are each powered by a single AA alkaline disposable battery. There’s no default charging cable, charging dock, or rechargeable battery system for the controllers.

When the battery level runs low, slide the battery cover off the controller. Look for the arrow embossed on the top edge of the cover — it’s very subtle, nearly to the point of being invisible — and push the cover in the direction of the arrow, down towards the bottom of the grip. It might not slide easily, and you may find it helpful to put your thumb on the embossed arrow and use it for leverage as you slide. 

Find the embossed arrow and use it as a guide to slide the cover off.

Once you have the cover off, remove the old AA battery and dispose of it. Replace it with a fresh battery and slide the cover back in place again. 

Remove the battery and replace it with a new one, making sure to insert it the right way.

If you want to, you can replace the disposable batteries with rechargeable AA batteries, but you’ll need to remove those batteries and recharge them outside the controller when they run down. You can get a set of AA rechargeable batteries and a charger affordably. 

Another option is to upgrade to an accessory like the Anker Charging Dock, which includes rechargeable batteries and replacement battery covers for the controllers that keep the controllers charged when they’re in the dock.  

The Anker Charging Dock replaces the controller’s battery covers so the rechargeable batteries can be continuously charged when docked.

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