Here are the states facing the worst of the baby formula shortage

Baby formula is displayed on the shelves of a grocery store in Carmel, Ind., Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

A shortage of baby formula has parents and lawmakers scrambling for supply. 
To date, 8 states across the US and DC are at least 50% out of stock of baby formula, per The Wall Street Journal.
Lawmakers are launching an investigation into the shortage, and President Biden has met with manufacturers.

A shortage of baby formula has parents and lawmakers alike scrambling. 

Since May 1, eight states across the country plus D.C. are at least 50% out of stock of formula, according to The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers are investigating the shortages and have penned letters to the four leading infant formula manufacturers demanding they increase supply. Meanwhile, the White House outlined its plan to quickly get baby formula onto store shelves.

Nationally, 43% of baby formula is out of stock, WSJ found. Here are the states struggling with the worst shortages. 


Tennessee currently ranks as the worst state in the baby formula shortage, CBS News reported. At least 54% of Tennessee’s baby formula was sold out as of May 1, according to the outlet. 

The shortage has state lawmakers investigating price gouging

“This formula shortage is devastating families across the country, and Tennessee is one of the hardest-hit states,” Rep. Tim Burchett said, according to local news outlet WVLT. “As a father, I know there’s nothing more important than caring for our children, and our leaders need to make sure anyone who takes advantage of this crisis for profit is held accountable.”


Kansas also has at least 50% of formula out of stock. 

“The whole shelves were cleared out,” one parent looking for baby formula told KWCH.


Delaware is also at least 50% out of stock of formula. 

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said it was a “life or death issue” for American babies and a national emergency, according to Delaware Public Radio


Baby formula is at least 50% out of stock in Nevada as well. 

“It’s been really stressful because everywhere you go, they don’t have it,” a mother in Las Vegas told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “And then if they do have it, they’d tell you you can only have four or five cans. Hello, I have two kids. What’s five cans gonna do for me? Both of them go through a can and a half a day.”


Texas is at least 52% out of stock of baby formula, the Texas Tribune reported. 

The shortage is proving to be painful for low-income mothers, whose formula is normally paid for by the state. 


At least 51% of baby formula is out of stock in Arizona, according to Arizona’s Family

Some families are left in the lurch if they need specific formula depending on a baby’s health needs. 

“I’m really stressed out about it and scared because, my baby, she doesn’t have any other options,” one parent to KOLD-TV.


At least half of the formula in Montana is out of stock. 

Montana parents echoed the same complaints as others across the country. 

“I spent a little bit of time driving around town looking for our formula and yeah, it’s not on the shelves,” one parent told KTVQ

West Virginia

West Virginia is also 50% out of stock of baby formula. 

One parent told WV Metro News that the formula was “gone within 20 minutes” after a store restocked.  


Fifty percent of baby formula is out of stock in the District of Columbia.

Parents in DC have come up short in their search for formula as the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia are also in dire need of supply, according to DCist

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