Grand Rapids Starbucks votes to unionize

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Starbucks employees in Grand Rapids have voted to unionize, making it the first Starbucks location in Michigan to join the growing movement in the company’s stores across the country.

The employees at the Burton and Rosemont location in southeast Grand Rapids voted 15-3 to unionize.

Grand Rapids Starbucks employees move to unionize

In March, the employees notified corporate in a letter about their intention of unionizing.

“We have been inspired by the efforts of other partners organizing across the country, from Buffalo, Memphis, Ann Arbor and Phoenix,” the employees wrote. “We here at Burton and Rosemont are joining their efforts, as we have determined that unionizing would allow us to truly feel like partners.”

Shelby Minnema, of Grand Rapids, has worked for Starbucks for a decade and at the Burton and Rosemont location for three years. She told News 8 that the store’s motto is “challenging the status quo,” and that’s one reason why they became the first employees in Grand Rapids to move to unionize.

“The common misconception about us unionizing is we don’t like Starbucks, which is completely false,” Minnema said. “We love Starbucks, which is why we want to unionize to make it better.”

Eleven other Starbucks locations in Michigan have filed to unionize.

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