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These days, it’s imperative to start your workday not just aware of the news in your industry, but with a full understanding of its context and meaning.

But who’s got time for all that, especially given the volume and speed of the news today?

We do – and now you do too!

The Insider Intelligence Daily is a free newsletter bringing you analytical insight and data-driven research on the trends and players driving your industry. Each weekday my team and I curate highlights from our research analysts to provide you with context around the biggest stories in Connectivity & Tech, Payments & Commerce, Digital Health, Fintech, Banking, and Digital Media.

And the best part is, you’ll get this email every day so that you can read it on your way home or over dinner, and show up at the office tomorrow one step ahead.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for the Insider Intelligence Daily hereGet our newsletter every weekday at 5pm ETRead the latest industry highlights and in-depth data analysisLike it? Feel free to forward and share it with your teamAs an added bonus, you’ll receive a weekend roundup every Saturday morning highlighting the most impactful stories from the week

And here’s a closer look at what you’ll actually see in your inbox each weekday:

The Top Story – The lead section of the newsletter where we break down the biggest story of the day, and what it means for the rest of the industry.Daily Research Highlights – A roundup of key findings across each of our coverage areas, to bring you analysis beyond the headlines.Report of the Day – Evergreen data and deeper insight into specific technologies, companies, and trends fundamentally transforming industries.Top Prime Story – An in-depth story about what’s really going on inside the companies, industries, and markets you care about. What to Read – A curated list of headlines from around Insider on a variety of topics we think you’ll find interesting.Chart of the Day – A data-rich chart that takes a magnifying glass to a particular industry trend.

Sign up today and gain access to data-rich research and insights from the Insider Intelligence research team!

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