Fort Myers church helps victims with tornado recovery


Families will be cleaning up for weeks after the EF2 tornado that tore through Iona on Sunday, and the effort to help get everyone back on their feet has come down to neighbors helping neighbors as people work to rebuild their homes and their lives. Fortunately, they won’t have to worry about clothes or food, thanks to the church right up the road.

The congregation and pastor of First United Methodist Church at 15690 McGregor Blvd. in Fort Myers have fed tornado victims and are also offering them clothes. Pastor Dennis Lewis says they have offered shelter to some of the victims after the storm, too.

“We’ve had folks that were a part of the congregation who jumped in and wanted to help, calling us, emailing us,” Lewis said. “You know what can we do? We have a long list of volunteers right now just looking for ways to help. We actually have a clothes closet right here on property where folks can come get clothes if they need it.”

A volunteer in the clothes closet says each person can get around four outfits each. Lewis says the church will also offer assistance when it comes to rebuilding and that people have already donated money for those efforts.

“We have our disaster recovery team coming in; headquarters are in Lakeland and they’re coming here to work with the Red Cross and whoever else is over there to coordinate an effort and to see how we can be of assistance,” Lewis said. “We’ll provide assistance in terms of rebuilding; we have some folks that have already given money for that as well. Lots happening.”

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