Family celebrating their superhero, the first to ring Golisano’s ‘Cancer-free’ bell in 2022


A child is celebrating his recovery after ringing the first “Cancer-free bell” of 2022 at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

The sound of the bell ringing through the hospital’s halls is the sound of triumph.

“An explosion of happiness. But you finally make it to the point that you say that day is here. That big day is here,” said Donna Doig, Leo Doig’s mother.

Leo was the first to ring the cancer-free bell at Golisano’s this year.

“Finally, I finished, so I ring the bell and that’s a celebration,” said Leo.

He was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2019 and, at one point, went through four rounds of chemotherapy a week, receiving treatment through a port.

His mom Donna said, “seeing him say, ‘mom help me. Mom, don’t let them do this to me,’ and to not be able to do anything. You feel like you’re dying inside. But at the same time, you have to know that you have to be there for them.”

Leo channeled his favorite superheroes, and thanks to a boost from his parents, he realized the chemo and his port made him just as strong.

Now he wants other kids with chemotherapy ports to know there’s nothing to worry about.

“You don’t have to worry. The port is actually awesome. It gives you powers. It protects you. Like it protects you and makes you have superpowers,” said Leo.

That optimism helped Leo get where he is today.

Behind the smiles, there’s a family, and a mom, living a reality that’s still difficult to understand.

“When people talk to me about this, I just break down instantly,” said Donna.

After two years of fighting, Leo and his family have said goodbye to cancer.

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