Donald Trump and Rep. Jim Jordan spoke for 10 minutes on the morning of the Capitol insurrection, records obtained by the Jan. 6 committee show: CNN

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (L), former President Donald Trump (R).

The Jan. 6 committee obtained records of Trump and Jim Jordan speaking on the morning of the insurrection, CNN said.
Jordan has previously claimed that he only spoke to Trump on January 6 after the attack, not before.
The committee has been considering whether to subpoena Jordan after he refused to voluntarily cooperate.

Records obtained by the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot show that former President Donald Trump spoke to Rep. Jim Jordan for 10 minutes on the morning of the insurrection, CNN reported.

The afternoon of January 6, Republican congressman Jordan took to the House floor to object to the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College win, and Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

Jordan has previously been evasive about his communications with Trump on the day. In October, he told a House Rules Committee hearing that he only remembered speaking to Trump after the attack, not before or during.

However, two sources who viewed the call records told CNN that Trump called Jordan that morning from the White House and that the two spoke for 10 minutes. 

Jordan told CNN on Friday that he spoke with Trump “multiple times” on January 6 but did not recall the timings.

A spokesman for Rep. Jordan told Insider, “Mr. Jordan has always maintained that he doesn’t remember when he spoke to the President that day (as he told CNN yesterday).”

The call logs are among documents turned over by the National Archives to the House committee after the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s bid to block their release last month.

The January 6 committee has been trying to obtain the records to gain a fuller picture of the president’s communications on the day of the riot.

The new details about the call come as the committee considers whether to issue a subpoena for Jordan after he refused to appear voluntarily.

The select committee previously wrote to Jordan to ask to discuss his communications with Trump “in detail,” as well as any communications he had with individuals at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, and Trump’s legal team.

Jordan, an ardent supporter of Trump, has accused the committee of being “partisan” and said he has “no confidence that the Select Committee will fairly or accurately represent” any information he gives them. 

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