Comstock Township purchases popular banquet center to move township hall

Comstock Township purchases popular banquet center to move township hall

COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Comstock Township announced at Monday evening’s township board meeting the township offices will be moving down the street to the site of a popular banquet facility. 

Township Supervisor Randy Thompson made an announcement early in the meeting that the township had come to an agreement to purchase Niko’s Landing near the corner of Kings Highway and River Street in Comstock Township’s Downtown Development Authority. 

Thompson said the current township hall was built in the late 1960’s and the “setup makes it physically difficult to access for some residents.” 

Thompson said the township looked at building a new hall but the $2 million to $4 million price tag put it out of range.

“The Township explored the idea of purchasing Niko’s Landing with the Grafos’ family and both parties were excited about the idea because it’s location is in our Downtown Development Authority, it’s easy to access to the residents, it has ample parking and a beautiful setting on the river,” Thompson said in his prepared statement.

The owners of Niko’s Landing said now was a perfect time and perfect opportunity to sell the building.

“Almost 26 years ago, when we built the building, we wanted to highlight the natural beauty in a community, my father’s adoptive community, a community that my brothers and I have grown up in, to highlight the community and create a dining establishment there,” Keith Grafos told the board. “We’re excited because it’s going to be there for a while. The center of the community that we have grown to love and that we grew up in.” 

Grafos also pointed out how excited he was that this purchase pointed to the township’s commitment to “the downtown.” 

“This is a big step toward revitalizing or continuing a commitment to this area of Comstock,” Grafos said.

Board Treasurer Brad Padgett made a motion later in the meeting to use ARPA funds to pay cash for the building.

“We’re saving the interest payments by using the cash now. We can use some of the cash that we were going to use to pay off the loan to fund of the projects (identified earlier for ARPA funds),” Padgett said.

Township Clerk Nicole Beauchamp agreed.

“We have the money. I don’t see any reason why we would need to go in to debt or pay the interest,” Beauchamp.

Trustee Jerry Amos asked where the money for remodeling and furnishing the building would come from. He was told they could use money from the Capital Improvement Fund or they could use a second ARPA payment when they get that in October.

The purchase price was not disclosed at the meeting, but Padgett said they will still have to use some General Fund money as the $820,000 ARPA funds would not cover the entire cost.

Thompson wrapped up the meeting by saying, “I’m so glad things came together like they did and I think it’s an excellent fit for the township.” 

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