Chiefs of staff and aides to House Jan. 6 committee warned to prepare for ‘bombshells’ ahead of public hearing, report says

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., heads to his office surrounded by reporters after House investigators issued a subpoena to McCarthy and four other Republican lawmakers on May 12, 2022.

Aides to members on the Jan. 6 Committee were warned to prepare for “bombshells” ahead of public hearings, per Axios.
The committee subpoenaed top Republicans last week, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 
The televised public hearings are scheduled to begin on June 9.

Chiefs of staff and other aides to members of the House Select Committee investigating January 6 were warned to prepare for “bombshells” ahead of public hearings next month. 

The warning came Friday on a weekly call with committee staff, Axios reported, citing two sources that were on the call. A security meeting with the US Capitol Police is scheduled for May 20 to prepare lawmakers and their staff for the public hearings, which are due to begin on June 9. 

Last week, the January 6 committee issued subpoenas for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as Reps. Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, Mo Brooks, and Andy Biggs.

All of the subpoenas demand that the lawmakers appear for depositions by the end of the month, although it remains unclear how the committee will move to enforce the demand if Republicans refuse to cooperate. 

Rep. Jamie Raskin, who serves on the January 6 committee, said he believes his Republican colleagues will join “the vast majority of people” and cooperate with the investigation.  

“We have every reason to believe that members of Congress will comply with their legal and moral duty to participate,” Raskin said Thursday. 

Sources on the call with January 6 staff did not say whether the committee intends to issue more subpoenas, according to Axios.

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