Charlotte County home animal rescue under investigation by animal control


Eleven animals were removed from a home in Charlotte County after being forced to live in terrible conditions.

One dog was less than half of what he was supposed to weigh.

WINK News is not naming the owner of the animals because she isn’t facing any charges.

However, that could change as animal control agents continue to look at every animal and determine whether they can prove negligence.

The animals were found at All Creatures Safe Haven.

Charlotte County Animal Control said a search warrant on the home rescue proved otherwise.

“Specifically one dog named Buddy that was you know very underweight,” said Brian Jones, division manager for Charlotte County Animal Control. “He had lost 42% of his body mass and he’s currently in our care right now. We’re trying to nurse him back to health.”

Investigators believe Buddy arrived a healthy dog and went downhill in the care of All Creatures Safe Haven.

“That’s why we had to intervene when we did and in hindsight, it was the right call because the dog was very close to death probably within a couple of days,” Jones said.

The animal control report is heavily redacted because agents said criminal charges are pending.

The owner spoke to WINK News by phone.

She said she runs a rescue for senior and hospice animals and she has medical records to support that.

The owner told WINK News said this stems from a domestic dispute and believes everything will be fine but moments after hanging up the phone, she took down the All Creatures Safe Haven Facebook page.

She said she surrendered the animals because she sold the property where she originally cared for them.

As for Buddy, she said he appears emaciated because he is 18 years old.

But animal control said the dog is between seven and eight years old.

“It’s under investigation as a cruelty case,” Jones said. “We have so many animals involved here, we’re in the process of processing them because we have to find out what is wrong with these animals.”

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