Cannonsburg Ski Patrol adds new, four-legged member

CANNON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — With four booties to keep the ice out of her paws and a vest to show she’s on the job, Lola’s a busy member of the Cannonsburg Ski Patrol.

The 2-year-old Vizsla is in her first year as a member of the patrol.

“She’s always scoping things out. She thinks that she owns the place,” Lola’s handler and fellow Ski Patrol member Erika Chapman said.

Chapman was looking for a way to connect with Cannonsburg guests and thought her dog, Lola, would be a good addition to the ski patrol team.

“A lot of us want to have a good connection with people. They see us kind of as the Ski Cops. So, I wanted a way to bridge that gap, and I thought Lola would be perfect for that,“ she said.

And Vizslas, known for their high energy and love of people, seemed like the perfect breed and temperament for the patrol.

“Even though she’s got a really short coat, they’re developed for cold weather. They produce a lot of heat. A lot of people ask us how does she stay warm? She just naturally produces a lot of heat,” Chapman said. 

One of Lola’s biggest assets is she’s considered a Velcro dog, she sticks to people.

From nervous adults to kids experiencing their first fall on the slopes, Lola serves up a lot of quiet comfort.

“She really hones in on anyone that’s having a tough time. If she notices someone on the floor or sitting down, she will go right up to them and kinda check in on them,” Chapman said. “She just seems to have this sense of when she needs to help someone or hang out with someone.  She just loves people. She loves kids.“

And she loves to hit the slopes – even if it’s on four legs.

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