A Navy SEAL candidate died and another was hospitalized after grueling ‘Hell Week’ training

Navy SEAL candidates participate in an exercise during “Hell Week.”

One Navy SEAL candidate died, and another was hospitalized after completing their Hell Week training.
After the training, the two experienced unspecified “symptoms” and were taken to emergency care.
“Hell Week” is the end to the first phase of training, described as the toughest in the US military.

One Navy SEAL candidate died, and another hospitalized after completing their Hell Week training in San Diego.

In a statement cited by multiple outlets, the Navy’s Special Warfare Command said the two candidates experienced unspecified “symptoms” after their training ended.

The deceased SEAL candidate, whose name is being withheld to give time to notify the family, passed away at Sharp Coronado Hospital in Coronado, California, on Friday, the statement said.

The Navy said that the cause of death was currently unknown and under investigation and that the hospitalized individual was in a stable condition.

“Two Navy SEAL candidates, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command, were taken to the hospital on Feb. 4 several hours after their Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) class successfully completed Hell Week, part of the first phase of the Navy SEAL assessment and selection pathway,” the statement from the Navy’s Special Warfare Command said.

The sailors were not actively training when they reported symptoms, the statement said.

Hell Week is the grueling end of the first phase of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training.

First phase is the basic conditioning part of BUD/S. Students learn to work as a team under increasingly difficult physical and mental conditions, with 4-mile timed runs, obstacle course timed runs, and 2-mile timed swims determining who stays and who goes. This phase is where most students’ dream of becoming a SEAL ends. This is also where Hell Week takes place, reported Insider’s Stavros Atlamazoglou.

On average, only 25% of SEAL candidates make it through Hell Week, described as the toughest training in the US military.

It involves five-and-a-half days of “cold, wet, brutally difficult operational training on fewer than four hours of sleep,” the Navy says.

According to the Navy, the training tests candidates’ physical endurance, mental toughness, and ability to work under sleep deprivation, among other things.

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