64 affordable gifts for her that are all under $50, from a wearable blanket to a perfume subscription

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Here are 64 options under $50 for her, from self-care products to clothing, gadgets, and food.
Whether for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, she’ll love any of these thoughtful picks.
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Gift-giving isn’t always easy, no matter how well you know the person you’re shopping for. We know a gift card might seem like the most affordable and easiest option, but your giftee will appreciate you going the extra mile after you pick out something special for her. 

Whether it’s a lifelong partner in crime or a new flame you’re just getting to know, we’ve put together a list of unique gifts under $50 that we think will impress her. And in case you’re shopping for a last-minute gift, most of these items are available with expedited shipping, and some should arrive within a few days.

Here are 64 gift ideas for her, all under $50:

A self-care gift set

Hello Gorgeous Gift Set, available at Lush, $49.95

Pamper her with this Lush gift set filled with body scrubs, soaps, moisturizers, and more. She will appreciate the beautiful, reusable gift box and all the goodies inside.  

A comfy wearable blanket

The Comfy Original, available at Amazon, $44.99

The sherpa lining will keep her toasty no matter what she’s doing around the house. Don’t know her size? No problem, this is a one-size fits-all, oversized wearable blanket.    

A customized essential oil set

floraVerve Essential Oils Customized Set, available at Amazon, $22.99

Show her how much you know her by gifting her a custom essential oil set. Whether it’s scents you know she’ll love or specific oils for stress relief or sleep, she’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift. You can choose from 60 available scents. And if you can’t decide on just 6 oils, you can add two more oils for an additional cost that’s still less than $50.  

A custom map of their favorite place(s)

Grafomap Custom Maps, available at Grafomaps, $34.29

A custom map of their hometown, college town, or favorite getaway is sure to brighten up the room.

A monogrammed palm-leaf clutch

Palm-Leaf Clutch, monogrammed (or personalized), available at Mark and Graham, starting at $49

Buying accessories, especially something like a bag or purse, can be tricky, but an understated piece like this, with the added touch of a monogram, has a place in most wardrobes.

A bottle of fine olive oil

Pasolivo Classic Olive Oil, available at Pasolivo, $47.95

There may be no more versatile gift for the home cook than a bottle of good olive oil. Whatever they’re into cooking or prepping, it’ll go to good use.

A vegan-, gluten-, and cruelty-free hair and body kit

Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe, available at Sephora, $49

If she’s going away for the holidays, this might help her decompress after a long drive or flight. It also comes neatly packaged in a fun, neon bag.

A bath caddy for over-the-top “me” time, complete with tablet holder

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, available at Amazon, $31.32

Sometimes a bath is all anyone really wants, and what better than a tray to accommodate everything she could possibly need to enter full relaxation mode?

A pair of ultra-thick bison-wool socks

Ultimate Bison Socks, available at United by Blue, $44

If these don’t help get her through the winter, nothing will. Made with a blend of wool, down, nylon, and spandex, they’re the perfect combination of warmth and stretch, and an all-around favorite of the Insider Reviews team.

A trio of succulents for the aspiring plant person

Succulent Assortment, available at The Sill, from $16

For plant newbies, there’s nothing better than to start with tiny succulents. Marked by the brand as best for beginners, the fresh houseplants will be delivered straight to her doorstep. This assortment can include either three succulents or six succulents, with both options under $50. 

Read our full review of The Sill here.

The at-home blowout tool

One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, available at Amazon, $34.88

This all-in-one hairdryer from Revlon garnered a large following online and won the hearts of the Insider Reviews team. It rivals luxury hair tools at a fraction of the price. It’s a gamechanger for cutting down on time and heat damage to your hair without sacrificing your look. 

Read our full review of the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush here.

A DIY birth month flower kit

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit, available at Uncommon Goods, $35

For a twist on the traditional bouquet, give her this flower kit that’s an easy and fun project. She’ll appreciate the personal touch of choosing her birth month flower, whether it be a sunflower, daisy, or marigold.

A simple yet sweet bracelet

Catbird Two Souls Bracelet in Baby Blue, available at Catbird, $24

There’s nothing quite like pearls, and this simple but elegant bracelet has a couple nestled together.

An Amazon Echo Dot

An Echo Dot (4th generation), available at Amazon, $34.99

Maybe she needs something better than her phone or her laptop to play music. This isn’t exactly a booming sound system by any means, but it will more than suffice.

A live lobster dinner

A live 1.25-pound lobster, available at Lobster Anywhere, $38.95

Maybe you’re too far away for a romantic dinner this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil her. Or maybe you are home — tack on another one for yourself and cook her a dinner to remember.

A customizable photo book

Color Series Photo Book, available at Artifact Uprising, from $22

Get a little sentimental by commemorating their life highlights with this custom photo book. You can choose from 10 colors and fill up to 30 pages with photos, cool layouts, and special messages.

A letter subscription service for the history buff

History by Mail Six-Month Subscription, available at Uncommon Goods, $40

Once a month for six months, this mail subscription service will send detailed replicas of historical documents, like Albert Einstein’s correspondence with FDR. A team of archivists digs up fascinating historical documents, and graphic designers replicate them — handwriting, signatures, and all. 

A picnic blanket that’s super comfortable

Victory Blanket, available at Moosejaw, $43.99

This blanket has a soft flannel top and waterproof bottom, plus straps to keep it compact and loops to hold it down on windier days. We’ve even ranked this one as the best for comfort in our guide to the best picnic blankets.

A puzzle that commemorates a special date

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle, available at Uncommon Goods, from $55

Celebrate her special day — birthday, anniversary, or milestone — with this interactive memento. Enter any date since 1851 and find the New York Times front page printed from that exact date.

An all-purpose tote with a detachable wristlet

Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote and Wristlet, available at Nordstrom, $49

A plain tote may seem like a boring gift, but this one is reversible and features a detachable wristlet. You’re getting three different bags for $50. It’s a utilitarian gift with a fashion-friendly twist.

A workout tee for all seasons

Women’s UA Tech Twist V-Neck, available at Under Armour, $19.98

This bestselling workout shirt from Under Armour will keep them moving with four-way stretch construction and quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric. Its looser fit makes it comfortable, and it comes in 15 colors.

A reusable tote bag for trips to the market

Shopping Tote – Market Finds, available at The Little Market, starting from $14

This tote is both a convenient and sturdy way to take home your groceries. It’s handmade and supports artisan women in rural Bangladeshi communities.

A box of chocolate bars from Madagascar

Chocolate from Madagascar Flight, available at The Little Market, $5 per bar

The chocolate connoisseur in your life will savor this gift box of four dark chocolate bars from Madagascar. She can indulge in flavors like Salted Almond, 80% Dark, Toasted Coconut, and Sea Salt, but you can also opt out of specific flavors to fit her taste preferences.

A painting kit for beginners

Springtime Paint-by-Number Kit, available at Uncommon Goods, $30

If she’s artistic — or strives to be — she’ll appreciate this painting kit that anyone can follow with ease. Creating her work of art will take up to three hours, but she’ll end up with a frame-worthy masterpiece.

A coffee-and-tea bundle

A coffee and tea tasting box, available at Bean Box, $46

For your favorite fan of both morning beverages, Bean Box offers a gift box with four coffees and four teas.

A Kindle case that looks like her favorite book

KleverCase Kindle Paperwhite Case, available at Amazon, from $29.95

You’ll find many classic book covers cleverly printed onto Kindle cases, along with one that looks like an unmarked leather-bound book. All she has to do is pop it on her e-reader.

An exceptionally useful set of silicone container lids

Five Two Airtight Silicone Lids, available at Food52, $40

If she enjoys cooking, chances are she’s probably spent a good amount of time trying to find the right container and lid for her leftovers. These silicone lids are a snap. All you have to do is pop one over a bowl or baking dish, and you get an airtight seal for easy storage in the fridge.

A cold brew maker

Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, available at Amazon, $24.99

Caffeine lovers who can’t get enough of their favorite drink tend to spend a lot of money at coffee shops to get their fix. Make it easier for her to drink cold brew at home with this simple-to-use brewing pitcher.

Read our full review of the Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker here.

Wine-inspired bath soaps

Set of Four Wine Soaps, available at Uncommon Goods, $30

This all-natural vegan soap mimics red and white wines with its oils and scents, offering a unique way to wind down after a long day. The set includes chardonnay, cabernet, pinot noir, and pinot grigio.

An Alexa-enabled smart plug

Alexa-Enabled Smart Plug, available at Amazon, $24.99

This voice-controlled smart plug allows her to control lights, chargers, and whatever else she wants through Alexa. She can also use the Alexa app to turn the outlets on and off if she doesn’t have an Echo.

An inexpensive accessory for her phone

PopSockets, available at Amazon, from $9.95

PopSocket Grips are an inexpensive but extremely useful gift she’ll be happy to have. She can stick them on the back of her phone, Kindle, iPad, or any other device to create a comfortable grip that allows her to hold her device one-handed.

A perfume subscription

Scentbird subscription, three months for $44

If she loves to switch up her scents, Scentbird is an affordable service that lets her choose a month’s supply of perfume from thousands of well-known and new fragrances. With a three-month subscription, she can try something new or stick to the ones she knows and loves.

A monthly book subscription

Book of the Month, three months, starting at $49.99

Each month, this service curates five book choices — some of them early release — and she’ll choose her favorite. The service will send the book directly to her. She can also skip a month if she’s behind on her reading.

A portable charger that also lights up the bottom of her bag

Smart Handbag Light and Charger, available at Uncommon Goods, $35.95

No more frantically searching for gum or lip balm at the bottom of her giant tote bag — this little light can be attached to her keychain or even a zipper on her bag so she can easily see everything in its depths. It can also charge her phone.

A monthly subscription to handpicked rental jewelry pieces

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box, available at Rocksbox, $21 per month

It’s hard to gift jewelry she’ll love, so give her options. This monthly subscription box offers three pieces of jewelry for rent, according to her style. From a choker necklace to statement earrings, the choices are vast. The monthly membership allows her to wear and swap sets whenever she likes, with the option to buy them for an additional price.

An adjustable rolling pin

Adjustable Rolling Pin, available at Amazon, from $24.99

Anyone who loves to bake will appreciate this adjustable rolling pin that allows for more precision with dough thickness. All she’ll have to do is remove or add the different-sized rings and let them guide her.

A letter board where she can leave notes or fun messages

Felt Like Sharing Felt Letter Board, available at Amazon, from $19.95

Sporting events, holidays, parties — there are a ton of occasions during which these come in handy. She’ll also love being able to play around with it day to day at home with her favorite lyrics, phrases, or even messages to roommates.

A wine saver for open bottles

Wine Saver, available at Amazon, $14.99

Sometimes you just can’t finish the bottle of wine. That’s when the Vacu Vin comes in. It’s a simple, small gadget that removes the oxygen from your open bottle and gives it an airtight seal to preserve the freshness and prevent oxidation.

A trendy candle she’s probably already got her eyes on

Otherland Candles available at Otherland, $36

An Otherland candle makes for one of the best gifts you can give for any occasion. They come beautifully packaged, and they feature scents that are complex and rich.

Read our full review of Otherland candles here.

A popular cookbook she’s probably seen on Instagram

“Dessert Person” by Claire Saffitz, available at Target, $22.24

Whether she’s new to the kitchen or it’s her favorite room in the house, she can try lots of easy-to-make desserts from Claire Saffitz’s cookbook.

The Insider Reviews team has also loved “Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family” by Priya Krishna, which is chock full of Indian-American and nontraditional recipes like Roti Pizza and Saag Feta. Check out our guide to the best cookbooks here

A flexible herb garden for the home

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden, available at Uncommon Goods, $22

She doesn’t need a green thumb to make these herbs grow. These pretty jars can hold fresh basil for sauces, mint to kick up her cocktail game, and more.

A way for her to share and pass down memories and traditions

My Life Story So Far, available at Uncommon Goods, $30

This book is like a guided journal for her to record her memories, accomplishments, and experiences. No matter her age, it’s something she’ll undoubtedly enjoy keeping track of and sharing with others.

A natural body scrub

Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub, available at Sephora, $38

Pamper her with this coconut-and-rose-infused body scrub that gently exfoliates. It’ll leave her skin feeling soft and moisturized – not to mention she’ll smell wonderful wherever she goes. You can read more about this product in our guide to the best body scrubs

A tablet for easy entertainment

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, available at Best Buy, $49.99

Great for traveling or lounging at home, the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is an affordable way to stay connected to all her favorite apps, games, and streaming services on a larger screen than her phone.

An excellent cookbook for entertainers

“Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion” by Shelly Westerhausen, available at Amazon, $15.38

If having people over is more of a pleasure than a chore for her, she’ll adore this cookbook full of clever recipe ideas for casual entertaining.

A comfy neck pillow for trains and planes

Neck Pillow, available at Amazon, $29.99

If she goes on a lot trips (or has travel anxiety), the gift of comfort is one she’ll appreciate.

Read our full review of the Trtl Neck Pillow here.

A smart way for her to stay organized while traveling

Travel Cord Roll, available at Uncommon Goods, $20

Frequent travelers need a way to keep all their cords and cables organized. This leather roll-up organizer has eight slots for cords and headphones, plus a pouch where your charger base can fit.

A clever way to collect accomplishments and hopes

Birthstone Wishing Balls, available at Uncommon Goods, $35

These lovely, handblown glass balls have a small hole at the base. Your giftee writes a wish or achievement on one of the 52 included slips of paper. A year later, she’ll have a display piece full of meaning.

A guide full of inspiration for her future adventures

“The Bucket List” by Kath Stathers, available at Amazon, from $21.49

This worldwide bucket list won’t cure her wanderlust, but it’ll definitely provide her inspiration and fodder for planning her travels.

A tinted lip balm with sun protection

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, available at Nordstrom, $24

If her beauty preferences tend to be more natural, she likely loves a good tinted lip balm. Fresh makes some of the best — the color options are universally flattering, and the formula is smooth, hydrating, and buttery. We’ve even named this the best option with SPF in our guide to the best tinted lip balms

An armband that holds her phone on runs or at the gym

Water-Resistant Arm Band, available at Amazon, $14.98

If she loves to run or spends a lot of time at the gym, this top-rated armband will be a lifesaver. Just make sure you know what model phone she carries, as the sizing may differ.

A makeup and skincare subscription

Birchbox three-month gift subscription, $45

Birchbox is a skincare and makeup subscription that sends tons of beauty samples to test out and play around with. If she loves any of them, she can easily buy the full-sized version through the service. You can opt to give a longer subscription if you’d like. 

Read our full review of Birchbox here.

A dainty pair of hoops

Shooting Star Open Hoop Earrings, available at Maison Miru, $50

So many people on the Insider Reviews team have a pair of these open hoops. Their horseshoe shape is just different enough to set them apart, while a tiny, twinkly cubic zirconia catches the light to add a bit of sparkle.

A puzzle of her heroines

Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle, available at Uncommon Goods, $18

This puzzle features illustrations of both prominent and lesser-known women who have shaped and changed the course of history.

A portable external battery

PowerCore 10,000mAh External Battery, available at Amazon, $25.99

A good external battery is one of those practical gifts she probably needs but won’t buy herself. Treat her to a good one that holds enough juice to charge her iPhone three times or her Galaxy twice.

Reusable produce bags

Reusable mesh produce bags (5-pack), available at Amazon, $10.97

If she’s an avid grocery shopper who opts for eco-friendly products, she’ll appreciate this functional and sustainable set of mesh produce bags. The color-coded tags and drawstrings will help keep things organized.

A cozy throw blanket to keep her warm

Wicked Plush Throw, available at L.L.Bean, from $29.95

This blanket has been a fan favorite for a while, which is why L.L.Bean carries this new and improved version. The brandmade the blanket even softer with 100% polyester that’s been brushed on both sides. It’s so soft she’ll want to be wrapped in it at all times, which is why we’ve also included it in our guide to the best throw blankets.

An interactive cooking class

Sur La Table Online Cooking Classes, starting $29 per household

With Sur La Table’s virtual cooking classes, she can follow along with expert chefs live from the comfort of her kitchen. These hands-on 90- to 120-minute classes cover everything from seasonal dishes to cocktails and desserts.

The be-all, end-all in French cookbooks

Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume One, available at Amazon, $22.12

There might be no compendium of French recipes more definitive than Julia Child’s, and there’s always Volume Two for next year. Also, you may get some great meals out thanks to this gift.

A personalized video message from her favorite celebrity

Personalized video message, starting at $1, available at Cameo

Cameo has tons of famous people she might want a personalized video message from. There’s something for almost everyone on Cameo, with prices as low as $1. You can choose a category, like reality TV or athletes, and filter by price and how long it takes to get a response. 

Read more about Cameo and how to use Cameo.

An elegant bottle holder

Wood Marble Wine Cooler, available at Crate & Barrel, $39.95

This elegant marble-wood bottle holder keeps her favorite wine cool for hours on end. When she isn’t staging it next to a charcuterie board, the holder is just a bouquet away from doubling as a vase. 

A simple knitting kit for beginners

Braille Beanie Knitting Kit, available at We Are Knitters, $44

Whether she’s new to knitting or a long-time pro, this crafty beanie kit has everything she needs — from the yarn, to the needles and, of course, the instructions.

A customizable box of candy for adults

Four-Piece Candy Bento Box, available at Sugarfina, $38

Satisfy her sweet tooth with a custom box of candy. Sugarfina’s candies are distinctly “adult” — but she’ll still feel like a kid when she digs into a box of rosé gummies.

A handcrafted set of minimalist coasters

The Vintage Vogue Linea Coasters (Set of 4), available at West Elm, $29

A clever way to keep her home clean and stylish is with these minimalist, chic coasters. 

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